Nail Care 101: Essential Principles of Nail Care You Need to Know

It is important to know how to keep your nails from cracking and breaking all the time. Did you know that the average person’s nails only grow an eighth of an inch per month? This means you’ve got to take care of your nails if you actually want to see them grow. Aside from buying nail colour with no harmful components like FNUG Nail Laquer, you should also follow best practices of good nail hygiene.

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This article discusses the different principles on nail care you ought to know. This also presents several very basic nail care tips that will help you with the most common problems.

Main Causes of Nail Damage

The most common causes of nail damage are biting, scratching, trauma, and a bad manicure, so many of the best nail care tips are simply based on common sense. Stop biting your nails if you’re a nail-biter. Protect your nails from trauma, such as being shut in a door.

How to Keep your Nails from Drying

Another major problem with nails is when they get too dry. Your nails need just as much moisture, if not more, as the rest of your hands. Here are some tips to prevent dry fingers and cuticles:

  • You should keep a small tube of hand cream with you so you can moisturize your nails and hands whenever they begin to feel dry.
  • Washing your hands can dry them out, so you will definitely want to moisturize after you wash your hands every single time.
  • For winter hands that dry and burn, you may even want to resort to a dip in paraffin wax.

The Real Facts on Fake Nails

If you tend to enjoy getting artificial nails or any fake nail art jobs, then you still have to take care of your real nails. Artificial nails don’t really do anything other than making your real nails look better, and if your real nails are unhealthy, then the artificial nails won’t do a very good job.

For example, if something has caused your real nails to start growing crooked, then you certainly won’t be able to correct this with artificial nails. They will continue to grow in the same way they’ve been growing for some time. Apart from the fake nails, fake nail polish can also contribute to your nail’s brittleness. Make sure you only buy authentic polish from authentic brands like FNUG Nail Laquer from an online store like

Nail Specialists and How they can Help your Nail Troubles

Nail care advice doesn’t just involve knowing which FNUG Nail Laquer color looks great with your outfit. If you don’t think your nails are growing very well, then you might want to see a nail specialist for complete nail care advice. There are many different nail problems that can reveal a lot of issues about your health that you may not even be aware of.

For example, did you know that 80 percent of people who have clubbed fingertips actually have lung problems? Clubbed fingertips are characterized by a wider fingertip and nails that curve around the fingertips. If your nails look anything other than normal in any way, it’s a good idea to see a nail specialist and find out what they say about your health.

The specialist will be able to identify exactly what your nail problems are and help you figure out why it seems like they just don’t grow. You may be surprised to find that you may unintentionally be keeping your nails from growing to a healthy length. For more details, you can check our our website at

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