Maintenance Tips to Make Your Outdoor Deck Last

When was the last time you did maintenance work on your deck? Most homeowners think that after hiring deck builders Melbourne has today to build their deck that the work is done. However, your work is never done – you need to care for and maintain your deck on a regular basis to make it last longer. Sure, you’ve invested in pressure-treated lumber for your deck, but it will be vulnerable to the elements especially since it is located outdoors. See more at:

The type of care you need to undertake will vary according to what time of the year it is. Here is how you can protect the investment you’ve made with deck builders Melbourne has to offer:

Late Spring

From the months of May to early June, there are a few maintenance requirements for your deck to keep it protected from mildew and mold formation. The first thing you need to do is get rid of any debris on your deck. Pay close attention to the spaces in between the joists as the debris could gather there over time. You should also thoroughly sweep the surface of the deck and make sure you regularly water all the plants and shrubs.

When cleaning the deck, you have to find the appropriate cleanser that will fit into the type of material used on the surface (such as wood, composite or vinyl).


In the months of July to August, you need to regularly inspect your deck. The warm and dry weather can be harsh on your deck, especially on the surface. However, do not neglect those areas on your deck that are close to any sources of water like planters or downspouts.

The first thing you have to do is check the deck material for any signs of rotting. From the stairs to the railing and the floor, you need to inspect the structural integrity of the materials. You can hire deck builders Melbourne has today to perform a check. They can determine if the deck is in need of repair or you simply have to re-seal the surface. If there are any areas that show signs of rot but are smaller than a dollar in size, you can simply remove them with a chisel. If there are holes, you can also use a wood preservative to prevent the damage from spreading. More information brand name: Deck Builder

Early Fall

Before fall officially kicks in, you need to do some preventive maintenance on your outdoor deck. You have to make sure that the deck is in pristine condition to withstand the harsh cold weather ahead. This would be the perfect time to wash and seal your deck. You can also do other basic maintenance work such as trimming the bushes and plants near your deck area. Make sure there are no debris or leaves that pile up on the corners of your deck. And if possible, keep the planters or plants at least 12 inches from the deck so it won’t cause any discoloration on the deck surface.

Caring for your deck is simple. By taking these preventive maintenance measures, you can make your deck and your investment last longer, too.


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