Knowing the Technologies Behind Remote Controls for Automatic Gates

The technology involved in remote controls for automated gates is quite complex. For the everyday person, it is simply an automatic gate opener, where he just presses a button, and then the gate opens or closes. However, there is definitely more to these devices than meets the eye. In actual fact, the functions that are integrated into them are countless. That is why using and configuring these devices can be difficult without the help of experts. Nevertheless, you can work on these devices if you have a basic idea of how their components work.

1. Self-Learning System

Basically, the concept of self-learning remote controls is to transcribe a signal from an original remote control to function as a replacement. This means that such a process is repeated when you change devices from time to time. So, if you lose your master remote, you can just copy the signal from the receiver to your new remote control. It will be as good as the original one.

2. Dip Switch

This is the box where small switches are positioned to assign certain codes. Simply put, this is the system that contains the unique combination to your remote control. To copy codes from an old remote to a new one, you can just copy the switch positioning of the old box to the new box. Once you complete this task, your new remote will be ready to use. In case you lost your old remote, you can check the receiver of your automated gate to know the exact model and its unique combination.

3. Rolling Code

This is an added security measure for the communication system between the transmitter and the receiver of your automated gate. Every time a remote control executes the “self-learning” function, the system generates a new code and sends it to the gate’s mechanism, causing it to open and close. By doing so, it will be difficult for a burglar to hack the gate’s system and break into your property.

Making Sure You Have the Right Remote for Your Gate

Replacing an electric gate opener or remote control with one having the same reference is the safest choice that your new remote will definitely work. If you lost your remote, you should first know the right specifications and frequency before you buy a new one. As previously mentioned, you can check your gate to get these pieces of information. But if you have doubts, you can always contact your gate automation kit suppliers who can answer all your questions and guide you with your purchase.

Final Thoughts

Each component of these remote controls has its own structure and a set of functions that can be customised to meet your needs. To be able to operate your automated gate properly, it is very important to get an idea of how these functions work. However, it is still necessary to get the help of experts in this technology and discuss with them your requirements to find an ideal solution. On that note, you can visit

Post Author: Maegan